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Institute Overview
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The Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or the IMECAS, was established in 1958, in the name of the CAS 109 Semiconductor Factory, to meet the requirement of national strategies to develop high frequency transistor computer for the National “Two Bombs and One Satellite” Project. It was a part of the former CAS Institute of Applied Physics at the very beginning; then was reorganized into the CAS Institute of Semiconductor in 1960; and in the year of 1965 turned into an independent entity affiliated with the Academy. In 1986, both the Factory and the Microelectronics Division of the CAS Institute of Semiconductor were merged to a new CAS institution named the Microelectronics R&D Center. Finally, the Center was got its present name as the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2003.
With years’ of unremitting efforts made by generations of scientists and engineers of IMECAS , the Institute has witnessed the great history of development of the Chinese Microelectronics technology and industry. Types of transistors and Integrated Circuits (ICs) have been developed, such as those for the Ten Major Key Equipment Projects including the first germanium transistor computer (109B), the first silicon transistor computer (109C), the first computer made of whole ICs (156 Microcomputer), and the first computer with the capability of 10 million operations per second (757). Transistorsfor the country’s first satellite "Dongfanghong -1" were also developed at the insitute. Over the past fifty years, scientists in the IMECAS has undertaken over a hundred national R&D projects and made great contribution to thedevelopment of Microelectronics in China.
Years of development has turned the IMECAS into one of the key research institutions of Microelectronics technology and innovation of ICs’ industry in China,playing a leading role in the following five major research areas: production and technology for core electronic devices, production and technology for high-end general purpose ICs, open platform of technology innovation for ICs’ industry, major technology of ICs and advancing manufacture process, and front-edge and basis of Nanoelectronics. Moreover, the IMECAS is the leading conductor of the national project “Advancing and Leading-edge Technology of Manufacture Process for ICs”. It is also an entity with which the CAS “Internet of Things” R&D Center and EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Center affiliated.
Since the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program was carried out in 1998, the IMECAS has realized significant transitions on strategies from “Oriented by Technology” to “Oriented by Application”, from “Breakthrough for Key Technology” to “Intellectual Property Innovation”. After that, the IMECAS takes upon itself a new mission: to be a leader in innovation of IC technologies and development of IC industry in China, to act as a creative player in cutting-edge technology area, to be a first-class training base for postgraduate and qualified IC Engineer. Now, the institute is entering into a new era of great-leap-forward development.
Inheriting the notion of “being people-oriented, reform and opening up, scientific development”, the IMECAS has adjusted its talent structure by introducing high-level local and overseas talents to establish first-class R&D teams, and training a large number of high-quality innovation talents through the full mobilization of enthusiasm, initiative and creativeness. Research ability and the scale of talents team has been doubled and redoubled.
Under the motto of “to Keep Improving, to be Absorbed, to Seek Truth and beDedicated to Innovation”, inheriting the good traditions of team spirit ,hardworkingand strong sense of responsibility, the IMECAS assimilates new idea, condenses aim, innovates mechanisms constantly.witha culture system of ”inspiring Innovation, advocating Innovation and active in innovation” formed, as well as the core value of “be united and work harmoniously for the future based on mutual understanding, mutual support and mutual trust,converting competition to contest”.
After its 50-year’s exploration, the IMECAS has been developed into a comprehensive research institution integrated with research and development and being quite industry-oriented. It is now composed of 2 key laboratories, 11 research departments, and 3 technology research centers, covering all the main research areas of Microelectronics.
The IMECAS has made great and significant contributions to developing Chinese microelectronics science and technology and is expected to make many more splendid achievements in the future.

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