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LI Peijin(Secretary of the Party Committee & Vice-Director )
Update time: 2009-09-03
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NAME: LI Peijin  



Graduated from Chinese Department of Shandong University in 1983 



Mr.Li worked at Central Committee of CCYL and was successively appointed Secretary and Deputy Director of Cadre Department of Organizing Division of the CCYL Central Committee, Deputy Director of Department of forestry and animal husbandry and Director of Township Enterprise Department of Youth Farmer Division, and Deputy Director of Youth Farmer Division. Deputy Director of Economy and Trade Reform Committee and Member of Party Group of Tibet Autonomous Region.  Mr. Li was engaged in management for many years, gaining abundant working experiences in different working units, such as Departments of Central Government, Mass organizations, Department of local government, Enterprises, Public Units and scientific institutions. He often went to the countryside, industries, Government Departments, Schools, Military units, Forestry and pastoral zone in investigation tours in the past, and achieved a notable job performance at every position.   

In 1996, he was selected by Authorities directly under Central Government to work in Tibet for three years to implement the Tibet Aid Program, successively holding following positions: Deputy secretary of CCYL, Vice-Chairman of Youth League

In Aug. 1999, Mr.Li was transferred to CAS and served as the Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee in Beijing Region and concurrently CPC Secretary of Department Party Committee.

In April 2003, he was transferred and appointed the Secretary of CPC Committee and concurrently Deputy Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing Application of CAS.

In May 2006, he appointed Secretary of CPC Committee and concurrently Deputy Director of IMECAS.


During his time in Tibet, he went to more than forty countries and cities and nearly 100 villages and towns to investigate, superintending the constructions of more than 20 HOPE elementary schools.

He was selected by the CPC Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region to write a recollection: "Deng Xiaopin with Tibet revolution and construction", which was assembled into the book “Recollecting Deng Xiaopin", published by Literature Research Center of Central Committee of CPC.

Besides these accomplishments, he is the compiler for literature like “Tale of Farmer Entrepreneur", "Under the Scarlet Party Flag”, etc.

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