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LI Guoguang
Update time: 2011-11-02
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Name: LI Guoguang
Title: Professor (doctoral tutor)
Nationality: USA

1978 – 1982 Physics Department, Fudan University, B.S.
1982 – 1985 Physics Department, Fudan University, M.S.
1989 – 1994 Physics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, Ph.D.

Professional Experience:
1985 – 1989 Fudan University, Lecturer
1994 – 2000 n&k Technology Inc(USA), Director of Technology Development
2000 – 2002 Nanometrics Inc (USA), Director of Algorithm Development
2002 – 2009 n&k Technology Inc(USA), Chief Scientist
2010– present Professor of IMECAS

Research Interests:
Advanced Optical metrology for ULSI, especially OCD and thin film optical characterization.

Selected Publications:
1. G. G. Li, Frank Bridges, and George S. Brown, “Multielectron x ray photoexcitation observations in XAFS background”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 1609 (1992). (cited 105+ times)
2. G. G. Li, F. Bridges, J. B. Boyce, and W. C. H. Joiner, “Local structure of Co and Fe substituted Yba2Cu3O7 studied by x ray absorption spectroscopy”, Phys. Rev. B 47, 12110(1993).
3. G. G. Li, J. Mustre de Leon, S. D. Conradson, and M. A. Subramanian,” Local distortions of the TlO layers in Tl based high temperature superconductors”, Phys. Rev. B 50, 3356(1994).
4. G. G. Li, F. Bridges, J. B. Boyce, T. Claeson, C. Strom, S. G. Eriksson, and S. D. Conradson, “Correlated local distortions of the TlO layers in Tl2Ba2CuOy: an x ray absorption study”, Phys. Rev. B 51, 8564 (1995).
5. G. G. Li, F. Bridges, and C. H. Booth, “XAFS Standards: A Comparison of theory and experiment”, Phys. Rev. B 52, 6332 (1995) (cited 153+ times).
6. Guoguang Li, Shuqiang Chen, and Phillip Walsh, “Optical determination of pattern feature parameters using a scalar model having effective optical properties”, US7212293(2007).
7. Guoguang Li, Shuqiang Chen, A. R. Forouhi, “System and method for measuring overlay alignment using diffraction gratings”, US7289214(2007).
8. Guoguang Li, “Broadband optical metrology with reduced wave front distortion, chromatic dispersion compensation and monitoring”, US7755775 (2010).
9. Guoguang Li, “Implementation of Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis Having Improved Efficiency for Characterization”, US7756677(2010).
10. Guoguang Li, “Method and apparatus for phase-compensated sensitivity-enhanced spectroscopy (PCSES)”, US2010/0245819A1 (2010)

Current Projects:
National Science & Technology Key Project: “45-22 nm node OCD technology and product development”, project manager.

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