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Silicon device and integration Technology Department(SDIT)
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The predecessor of SDIT is the former department of LSI research of institute of semiconductor,  CAS. Under care and guidance from the veteran scientists Prof. Wang Shouwu,  Prof. Wu Dexin(both Academician of CAS) and etc.  SDIT is developing and getting stronger,  and has made a great contribution to the development of our country’s microelectronics industry. 

Many names for this department,  which used in the past are: “the first research group”,  ‘the research department on LSI”,  and “the research department on technology of deep sub-micron IC” etc..

SDIT has a solid ground in CMOS technology,  and has been pursuing exploratory investigation in CMOS technology for many years,  and made lots of achievements. And it is the earliest unit to fabricate Hall circuits and VDMOS devices in batch production in China.


1. silicon-based integrated circuits 



There are 7(4 PhD directors) professors and associated professors,  some veteran researcher assistants,  engineers,  lab assistants and 80 post graduated( master and PhD,  and 42 persons to obtain their degrees)students in the department. 160 papers have been published,  and 16 patents have been authorized in recent 3 years. The CMOS/MEMS laboratory consists four groups: SOI IC group,  CMOS technology group,  MEMS group and high performance power devices group.

Now,  HP82000,  SK70008 linear/digital IC testing meter and 1034 automation probe-bed and testing system are all in place for research use. 


Lists of projects in 6th five-year plan have been completed successfully:  the projects of 4k DRAM,  16k DRAM and 64k DRAM. And during the 7th five-year plan,  some important projects,  such as the “design and manufacture of full customer and half-customer IC”,  the “exploratory investigation of 1-1.5µm novel technology and devices” have been finished. The manufacture technology of 0.8µm IC chips was developed independently during the 8th five-year plan. A general driver circuits of fuzzy controller with 7, 000 gates and high speed time clock driver circuits with two layers of metal have been designed and fabricated successfully with application of our own technology. The key technology of 0.18 and 0.25µm CMOS IC were investigated during 9th five-year plan,  and application circuits over 1, 000 gates,  0.1µm CMOS devices and oscillation loops with high performance,  and large scale SOI/CMOS applied circuits were developed successfully. 

During 8th and 9th five-year plan period,  the key problems for high performance power devices were cleared. Now a spectrum of VDMOS has formed. And a batch production was launched. 

A scientific and technological first-class prize for the key technology of high performance CMOS devices with a gate length of 27nm was awarded by Beijing municipal government in 2004. The project of study on key technologies related to sub-30nm CMOS devices was awarded second-class prize of national technological invention in 2005.


Director:Zhengsheng Han




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