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Low-Power Vertical Neurotransistors Emulate Dendritic Computing of Neurons (2023-10-30)
Stable Rhombohedral Phase in CMOS-compatible Ferroelectric Capacitor with U... (2023-08-15)
In situ epitaxial blocking structure in wide-bandgap perovskite solar cells (2023-05-17)
Marring Resistive Memory with Graph Learning (2023-02-28)
IMECAS made progress in the description of quantum electronic liquids in or... (2021-03-04)
IMECAS made progress in the research of IDG a-IGZO TFT compact modeling (2021-02-10)
IMECAS made important progress in RRAM integration (2021-02-07)
IMECAS made progress in the field of HfO2 based ferroelectric memory (2020-03-25)
IMECAS made important progress in the field of brain-like computing (2020-03-25)
IMECAS Developed a New Type of Vertical Gate-All-Around Field-Effect Transi... (2019-12-17)
The Third IEEE Electronic Exploration Camp in IMECAS (2019-07-26)
IMECAS Developed High Performance Negative Capacitance FinFETs Featuring wi... (2019-05-17)
Prof. Suman Datta Visited IMECAS (2018-11-22)
Innovative progress in the research of GaN interface state in IMECAS (2018-10-29)
Breakthrough of IMECAS in Resistive Switching Memory: Breaking the Dilemma ... (2018-10-26)
Tensile-strained germanium on insulator (TSGOI) has been successfully manuf... (2018-10-25)
A Significant Breakthrough in Novel GAA SiNW MOSFET at Institute of Microel... (2018-10-25)
Prof. Weibo Hu Visited IMECAS (2017-07-07)
China's Leading Silicon Photonics Platform Developed by IMECAS (2017-07-07)
Prof. Hyunsang Hwang Visited IMECAS (2017-06-13)
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