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Prof. Michael Pecht visited IMECAS
On May 9th 2016 , Professor Michael Pecht from University of Maryland at College Park , USA visited the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences ( IMECAS ) .Firstly , Professor Michael Pe...
Scientists Reveal New Computational Lithography Applications in Industrialization
Lithography is one of the problems in integrated circuit (IC) technology development because the quality of lithography decides the level of the process and products. The computational lithography group from...
Scientists Develop Well Tailored Interfaces on High Mobility Semiconductor Channel by ALD High-K Passivation Technology
III-V semiconductor materials, represented by InGaAs, and Ge materials have excellent electron and hole mobility, they are ideal channel materials of high-speed and low-power CMOS devices. The interface is v...
Introducing New Channel Materials Lays the Groundwork for Slashing the Power Consumption per Transistor
Back in the 1990s, many families would fork out on a new computer every year or so. Occasionally, they would do this because their current PC had stopped working; but more often they parted with their cash t...
Scientists Develop China's First New Energy Vehicle Electronic Control Integrated System
Electronic control technology is one of three core technologies of new energy vehicles directly affecting vehicle performance , including vehicle control , battery control and motor optimization .It demonstr...
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