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Int’l Cooperation News
Breakthrough of IMECAS in Resistive Switching Memory: Breaking the Dilemma ... (2018-10-26)
Tensile-strained germanium on insulator (TSGOI) has been successfully manuf... (2018-10-25)
Prof. Weibo Hu Visited IMECAS (2017-07-07)
Prof. Hyunsang Hwang Visited IMECAS (2017-06-13)
“2017 International Workshop on Reliability of Micro- and Nano-Electronic ... (2017-06-06)
IMECAS and SMIC Cooperate on MEMS R&D and Foundry Platform (2016-11-16)
7th International Conference on Computer Aided Design for Thin-Film Transis... (2016-11-02)
EDACAS holds TCAD Synopsys Technology Seminar (2016-10-27)
Prof. J. Joshua Yang Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Prof. Steve S. Chung Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Dr. Zhigang Ji Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Prof. Michael Pecht visited IMECAS (2016-05-12)
Dr. Simon Deleonibus Visited IMECAS (2014-10-29)
Prof. Hiroshi Iwai Visited IMECAS (2013-10-14)
IMECAS Student Wins Championship of Seventh Annual International Microelect... (2012-10-18)
EDACAS held the First Stage of the Seventh Synopsys Annual International Ar... (2012-09-10)
Prof. Aziz Benlarbi-Delaï Visits IMECAS (2012-02-23)
The Director Eicke R. Weber of Fraunhofer-Instituts für Solare Energiesyst... (2011-11-14)
IMECAS Wins the Excellent Student Paper Award in PBII&D 2011 (2011-09-20)
IMECAS Wins the Outstand Paper Award in ICEPT-HDP2011 (2011-09-14)
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