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Industrial System
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EDA Center of CAS  

To meet the need of technology and talents for IC and system design industry, the EDA Center of CAS was established in November 2002.

The EDA Center is one of the supporting units of CAS, which mainly offers technology, research and education platform for the institutes which work in the electronics research area. The design service, MPW, package service and test service are offered to different customers.



Hangzhou Zhong Ke Microelectronics Company Co Ltd  

Hangzhou Zhong Ke Microelectronics Company Co Ltd. (HZKMC) is co-founded by IMECAS and the Hi-tech Development District of Hang Zhou municipal government and was formed in November 2004. HZKMC is dedicated to IC design and system development, with 80 employees (more than 80 percent with a doctor or master degree).

HZKMC is also the supporting unit for the Hang Zhou branch of IMECAS and the branch of EDA Center of CAS.


Wireless RF IC

Digital audio and video IC

Household, automobile, and industrial control ICs


Beijing Zhong Ke Microelectronics Co Ltd.  

Beijing Zhong Ke Microelectronic Co Ltd. (BZKMC) was set up at the beginning of 2002. Most of the employees came from the former ASIC design group of IMECAS.

With the support from IMECAS and the persistence effort of the company, a series of IC products with independent IPs has been developed.

A product line of ICs was formed in the areas of:

Computer peripherals

Audio and auto electronics

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