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Smart Sensing Center
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Smart Sensing Center aims at the innovation on high precious, multi-dimension, ultra-low power and intelligent device, SoC and microsystems. The center will focus on the techniques innovation of MEMS sensor design, ultra-low power integrated circuits design, machine learning processor architecture, energy-efficient digital transmission SoC and microsystem design.  

Smart Sensing Center will collaborate with research and industrial partner, providing innovation ideas, products and solutions for intelligent sensing device, integrated circuits and microsystem to serve the need of Smart Society.  


Smart Sensing Center conducts research on circuit, architecture, SoC and microsystem for sensing, processing, transmitting and information perception of IoT and unmanned system. 

♦  Smart wearable sensor and conditional circuits; 

♦  MEMS ultra-red sensor; 

♦  Ultra-low power integrated circuits;  

♦  Intelligent information perception processor; 

♦  Power-line and IoT communication SoC; 

♦  High performance mix-signal IP;  

♦  Microwave system; 

♦  High precious time-space sensing microsystem. 


MEMS Triaxial Acceleration and Gyroscope Sensor Chip 


MEMS Pyroelectric Infrared Detector Based on Double Layer Polysilicon Structure 


SoC Chip and Hardware System of Hearing Aid 


Fingerprint Sensor 


Low-Power Wireless Radio Frequency Transceiver Chip 

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