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Key Laboratory of Silicon Device Technology, CAS
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The laboratory’s research is primarily focused on solving important scientific problems in the design and analysis of devices and integrated circuits in extreme conditions, with a particular emphasis on improved semiconductor materials, optimized technologies and devices. Across a wide range of applications, from information system on earth to deep space exploration, high reliable microelectronics have emerged as a determining factor in performance and design feasibility. The lab’s current goal is to explore and validate the possible approaches accommodating stressful environments. Applications include energy, environment, communication, polar region, ocean, space and so on.


Current research focus is on high reliable integrated circuits and power devices in the following main areas:

♦ High reliable mixed signal circuits;

♦ Long lifetime devices with novel architecture;

♦ Reconfigurable SoC devices;

♦ Sensitive parameters and their optimization approaches for high reliable power devices;

♦ On-chip test techniques.


Charge Distribution after Heavy Ion Striking a Device


TEM Graph of Device


Sample Laser Spot


Experimental Result from Pulse Laser Platform

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