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1Gb Independent NOR Flash Memory Developed in IMECAS
Author: Dept.3 HUO Zongliang;Translate by WANG Fang
Update time: 2013-02-04
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1Gb flash memory chip has been developed successfully by the research group in Micro-fabrication and Nano Technology Department (Dept.3) of the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) with the cooperation of Tsinghua University and Peking University recently. Based on the 65 nano NOR flash memory technology which was in the research of Semiconductor International (SMIC) at present, researchers overcome technological hurdles for large-capacity flash memory such as wordline/bitline decode, sensitivity enhancement and high voltage and accomplished the design, tape out, package and test of the chip independently. The 1Gb flash memory chip developed in IMECAS passed machine level-significant circuit module test and achieve system level functional demo successfully.

The research achievement fill technical gaps in NOR-type large-capacity flash memory chip research in China, and also lay an important foundation for the development of 65 nm large-capacity flash memory chip.

 Image by IMECAS

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