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IMECAS and SMIC Cooperate on MEMS R&D and Foundry Platform
Update time: 2016-11-16
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Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation ("SMIC"; NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981) signed a cooperation agreement on Nov. 15 in Shanghai for a MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) R&D foundry platform to jointly develop MEMS sensor standard processes and build a complete MEMS supply chain. 

According to the agreement, IMECAS and SMIC will work together to create a platform based standard as well as mass production technologies, which will shorten the development cycle from design to production  and thus help the MEMS industry grow more effectively and efficiently. IMECAS has rich experiences in MEMS Sensor design, packaging technology design. And SMIC has leading standardized process technology platforms, industry and market influence. Both will provide a strong foundation for future cooperation.  

Joint development will start from a MEMS environmental sensor, combining the features of other types of MEMS Sensors. 

"Through the cooperation between SMIC and IMECAS, we can exploit our advantages and jointly build an open MEMS technology service platform and an electronic information integration platform for the MEMS supply chain. With the integration of design, manufacturing, packing, testing, public platform and venture investment, we can form a supply chain ecosystem and support the development of a global as well as domestic Chinese MEMS industry," said YE Tianchun, director of IMECAS. 

"SMIC’s R&D team has made a lot of achievements in developing new sensor technology platforms and introducing new customers. SMIC is willing to open our platforms to support commercialized production and the R&D of universities and research institutions." said Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of SMIC.  

"SMIC and IMECAS have cooperated in numerous logic process development projects. This time we will expand our collaboration and promote the R&D of complete standardized MEMS sensor technologies to help integrate and improve the MEMS supply chain," Chiu said.


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