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Doctor Wang Bin was Invited for an Academic Exchange in our Institute
Update time: 2009-05-31
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On April 17, 2009, at the invitation of Mr. Liu Ming, Director of Department 3, Doctor Wang Bin, former senior technical researcher of Spansion Company, came to our institute for academic exchanges.
In the morning, Doctor Wang delivered an excellent speech entitled “Low-cost Embedded CMOS Compatible Non-Volatile Memories and RFID” to the teachers and students at 109 conference room of our institute and had a specific and deep discussion and exchange with the teachers and students on the scene. Non-volatile memory (LNVM) based on standard logic process, low in cost and with no necessity for additional process, is widely used in SOC, RFID labels, HDMI encryption technology and Flash digital controller, etc. Doctor Wang Bin made a specific report review on LNVM technologies, application, products development and the propelling effect of LNVM on low-cost RFIC label, in four sections, and have taken up the questions during report.
In the afternoon, Doctor Wang Bin, at 703 conference room of Department 3, had an in-depth discussion, with the personnel concerned of Memory Group, Department 3, on the development of memory in our institute, offered good suggestions for memory developed by Department 3 in terms of materials, devices, models, integration and reliability based on his own over 10 years’ experiences in memory R&D and put forward his opinions for the research works fitting for our institute with excellent reference significance for the development of memory developed by Department 3; and both parties also made a further study on the possible close cooperation in the future.
Doctor Wang Bin graduated from Physics Department of Tsinghua University in 1996 and earned a doctorate in Micro-electronics Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland College Park in 2001, who has released 24 peer-reviewed magazines and conference articles and 10 published USA patents, with over 10 years’ experiences in technical development, engineering management and business development regarding semiconductor embedded electronic memory, flash and RFID in American industrial field and institutes. He used to be a senior technical research fellow for R&D of 32-Nanometer NAND flash devices and process technology in High-Grade Memory Development Center of Spansion Silicon Valley Head Office, engineering manager of Virage Logic Corporation and Impinj Company, and has served as a visiting research fellow for three years in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) subordinated to American Trade Ministry. In Impinj, he was responsible for product devices process and design starting from zero, management and certification of the front 4 Non-volatile memory (NVM) products until batch production of client products, and furthermore he also was in charge of coordinating internal products development and partner relationship between clients and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), as well as business development, quality assurance and after-sale technical supports of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for memory intellectual property products. He was a member of Assessment and Evaluation Committee of Integrated Reliability Workshop and International Reliability Physics Symposium, and a peer reviewer of IEEE Electron Device Letter and Transaction on Electron Devices. He has ever been involved in MBA study in University of Washington, Bothell and once studied in Institute of High-Energy Physics, China Academy of Sciences 
Dr. Wang earned his Ph.D. in Microelectronics Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland (01’), and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Tsinghua University (96’), Beijing. He has over 10 years technology development, engineering and management experience in semiconductor embedded electronic memory, Flash and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) industry and research institute. He has authored 24 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles, has 10 issued and published US patents. He has worked as a Senior Staff Engineer at Spansion LLC., as an Engineering Manager both at Virage Logic and Impinj Inc., as a guest researcher at National Institute of Standards of Technology, Department of Commerce, USA. While at Impinj, he managed and qualified the company’s first four non-volatile memory (NVM) products starting from scratch. He coordinated the product development with customers and foundry partners and also held responsibilities in foundry interface, quality assurance and post-sale customer support for the NVM intellectual property products. He served in the Integrated Reliability Workshop and International Reliability Physics Symposium committee and reviewed papers for IEEE Electron Device Letter and Transaction on Electron Devices. He attended MBA program at University of Washington, Bothell and studied at Institute of High Energy Physics respectively in 2005 and 1996.

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