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IMECAS-McMaster Joint R&D Center For Medical Optoelectronics Starts Up
Update time: 2010-04-29
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IMECAS-McMaster Center for Medical Optoelectronics Opening Ceremony was launched in Microelectronics Plaza A109 on April 18th, 2010. Firstly, Dr. Dave Williams, the supervisor of the Bio-robot Research Center of McMaster University in Canada, who maintains the record holder of the longest spacewalk in single task and total time in spacewalk, conveyed his congratulation to the establishment of the Joint R&D Center and indicated that both sides would cooperate in some fields, such as Future intelligent Medical Care. Tianchun Ye, the Head of Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the IMECAS and the preparation of the Joint R&D Center. Dr Jamal Deen , Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, APS Fellow, the winner of Humboldt Research Award,Ms. Dexin Wu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Youcai Wang, vice director of the Statistics Information department of Ministry of Health of The People’s Republic of China; Jinghua Cao, deputy director of Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haiying Zhang, Director of Department of RFIC of IMECAS addressed their suggestions and wishes. Bing Shi, Division Chief of IMECAS, Yongfeng Zhao, Division Chief of IMECAS, Xun Gao, the project supervisor and Huigang Liu, the project supervisor attended the conference.  Long Chen chaired this conference.

Both sides introduced their technical strengths and advantages in the fields of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and medical care, respectively. The goal of establishing an innovation combination includes integrating domestic quality resources and overseas, normalizing and standardizing the project cooperation, stimulating innovative ideas and making contributions to the development of the medical industry. Professor Haiying Zhang from the institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Changqin Xu, Doctor Qiyin Fang from School of Engineering Physics of McMaster University in Canada made reports on the development plan of the joint center for next three years and put forward several projects which can be implemented. Canadian experts were looking forward for a substantive cooperation with IMECAS to promote value-added medical care products and to take advantages of the experience of Chinese team on RFIC, Information and Signal Processing.

Academician Dexin Wu congratulated the establishment of IMECAS-McMaster Joint R&D Center for Medical Optoelectronics and highly praised the entry point that the Center selected. She hoped the Center explore with bold vision and courage in its professional field and make pioneering contributions for the medical electronics business. Tianchun Ye, the director of the IMECAS said that the establishment of the IMECAS-McMaster Joint R&D Center for Medical Optoelectronics was an important step for IMECAS in the international cooperation. From single project cooperation to comprehensive strategic cooperation, the development model of IMECAS had reached a new level. He hoped that the Centre can accomplish great achievement and attract new partners to develop it together. 

The leaders of Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bureau of High-tech Research and Development Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Municipal Committee expressed they would fully support the operation of the joint research center. They expected the joint research center could make achievement as soon as possible, and they placed high hopes on the industrialization of the center. They wished the center would play the role of flagship in Beijing Medical Equipment Base development in the future, and contribute new value to the society. It can be declared that the research team could definitely develop convenient, reliable, safe and competitive solutions of the medical optoelectronics applications successfully under the leadership of Dr. Changqing Xu and Dr. Haiying Zhang and by the efforts of all the team members, and make new contribution in the technological innovation and industrialization to the Institute of Microelectronics.

IMECAS-McMaster Joint R&D Center for Medical Optoelectronics international scientific committee:

Tianchun Ye ---Committee Chair. Professor and Director of IMECAS; Director of National Research and Development Centre of The Internet of Things; Group leader for key equipment and complete process of Integrated circuit of Important National Science & Technology Specific Projects; Executive vice president of EDA Center of CAS

Dave Williams--- Committee Chair. Professor, Chair of Academic Committees & Councils, member of the Canadian Astronaut Corps, the crew of Canadian International Space Cooperation Fund, the director for Medical Robotics at St. Joseph's Hospital, the international class of NASA mission specialist astronaut, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement.

Dexin Wu---Academician of Science Academy of China, expert in semiconductor devices and integrate circuit; Member of 9th and 10th NPC Standing Committee.

John Brash--- Professor, dean of School of Biomedical Engineering. Praised as leader of Biological materials science.

M. Jamal Deen ---Fellow, Royal Society of Canada; Fellow, Canadian Academy Engineering; Fellow, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers; Fellow, American Physical Society; Honorary Member(The Highest Honor), The World Innovation Foundation.

Rao Keqin——Director of the Health Information Centre, and director of the Leading Group Office of Health Information, managing deputy president and secretary-general of Association of China Health Information, and the visiting professor of six university such as Peking University and Central South University.

Zhang Ping——Director of Circuit and System Centre of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, vice-director of Joint Software Institute, member of General Technology Team of C3G, vice-chairman and committee member of WWRF, member of the 3rd generation mobile communication Technical Test Group of Ministry of Information Industry etc.

Zhou Yumei——Research Fellow, vice-director of the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

R&D center management committee:

Chinese side: Haiying Zhang(Chair), Xiaodong Lu, Hao Yang

Canada side: Chang-Qing Xu (Chair) ; Qiyin Fang ; Hubert De Bruin

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