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Latest progress made by EDA center in developing radio frequency IP module
Author: Dept.7 LIU Jiajie,Translate by RWS Co., Ltd
Update time: 2011-02-15
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  Recently, an important progress has been made in the development work on a key radio frequency IP core module based on a SiGe process, a high performance IP module research project taken over by EDA Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is lead by research fellows Chen Lan and Wu Yu-ping, with the members of the research group overcoming difficulties such as short time and heavy task, etc., and it has received high recognition from Shanghai Huahong NEC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Fig. 1 A photo of a chip of radio frequency IP module

  The high performance IP research group has carried out the design work on the part of radio frequency IP module, using the SiGe process already owned by Huahong NEC. By way of circuit simulation, layout design, tapeout and test, the radio frequency module so designed is verified as meeting the expected design requirements, and it provides experiences to be used as reference for developing a 0.18/0.13um SiGe HBT process platform.

Fig. 2 Test results of a part of the radio frequency module

  Since the 0.13um SiGe HBT platform of Huahong NEC was opened, the high performance IP research group immediately carried out design work on the part of the radio frequency IP aiming at the platform, and currently this work has entered the stage of lithography, and tapeout verification will been performed soon. During the cooperation of the whole project, the high performance IP research group was actively involved in extensive discussions and communication with Huahong NEC, which promoted the smooth progress of this project, and was highly appreciated by Huahong NEC.

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