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The Annual Summing-up Meeting of Year 2010 for 973 Program was Held Successfully in IMECAS
Author: Dept.4 HOU Jiqiang,Translate by WANG Fang
Update time: 2011-03-01
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The annual summing-up meeting of year 2010 for 973 Program(The Major State Basic Research Development Program of China)” the basic research of ultra-high frequency, big power compound semiconductor device and integrated circuit technology” has been held in IMECAS in December 27,2010. Academician WANG Yue, Academician WU Dexin and the Director of IMECAS,YE Tianchun attended the meeting.The directors and core researchers of each sub-project attended the meeting and made reports about working progress.The meeting was chaired by researcher LIU Xinyu,the chief scientist of this program.
The program was launched in the year 2009,through a whole year’s unremitting efforts, the project team has made many breakthroughs, such as: MOS interface on high-K dielectric with high-K pinning of non-fermi level, W-band channel serial circuits, AlGaN/GaN HEMT device with Fmax>210GHz, 8-bit super high-speed digital/analog mixed signal circuit based on 1um GaAs HBT technics.The project team has published 34 scientific papers and applied for 26 patents in the year 2010.
Academician WANG Yue considered the project ,which provide rolling support for 973 program, possess well sustainability ,with clear-research thinking and brilliant achievements .Some key scientific problems posed during the project processes live well in the domestic present .Academician WU Dexin pointed out that the project’s success will rely on the breakthroughs of several key points.She hoped each sub-project teams strengthen cooperation and communication, achieving full potential of system Integrated software.
Researcher LIU Xinyu,the chief scientist of the program,pointed out in the summary report,that the whole project run smooth during the first year, the annual node of project was carried out successfully ,each sub-project teams successfully overfulfilled all assigned tasks ,some achievements in scientific research reached or even exceeded international advanced level. All these show us a good beginning.But there still exist some questions ,such as lacking enough interactivity among all the sub-project teams.He hope each sub-project teams should change scientific research style, improve the team cooperation capability, create a harmonious, cooperative, active and aspirant working atmosphere, fulfil the double- breakthroughs not only in scientific research but also in scientific management, preparing adequately for the upcoming medium-term evaluation.

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