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EDACAS held the First Stage of the Seventh Synopsys Annual International Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad
Author: Dept.7 LIU Hongjie
Update time: 2012-09-10
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September 4, 2012, participants in Beijing China competed in the first stage of the 7th Annual International Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad, in collaboration with EDA Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (EDACAS) and the Synopsys University Team.

The goals of Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad are to stimulate development of microelectronics in Armenia and the other participant countries, to recognize the interest in microelectronics among young specialists and to provide a exchange platform for young specialists in microelectronics.

The Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad has been conducted for 6 years and in 2011, it attracted 350 participants from 12 countries. This year, EDACAS, as the Committee in China, has received more than 50 applications for registration from 15 universities. The first stage competition is special in China with the most participants.

Among 54 participants in the first stage, 17 participants received awards from Chinese Committee, only 1 is qualified to progress to the second stage, which will be held among the top contestants of all participant coutries on Oct.4, 2012 in Armenia. It involves a challenging contest and advanced engineering tasks requiring complex sulutions. Graduate student from IMECAS, Ma Tianyu, got the first place hornor. He is also the first Chinese student processed to the terminal competition.

EDACAS Director Dr.Chen Lan, Synopsys Senior Technical Manager Xiao Jiantao presented the opening and horning ceremony. Synopsys Senior Technical Manager Li Ang gave a speech regarding to EDA industry and briefed about Synopsys products to all participants.


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