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XIA Yang
Update time: 2009-10-12
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NAME:XIA Yang(doctoral tutor)

Micro-electronics process and Equipment

Peking University / Beijing Science and Technology University
Major: material physics
Degree: PhD
Experience of Study abroad :
In 2004, completed a training course on scientific research policy and management in Germany.
1983-1987 Teaching at Jiangxi Normal University, in charge of building up the modern physical laboratory and teaching.
1990-1994 working at the Beijing Aviation Material Academy, engaged in development of quick solidifying aluminum alloy and metal based composites.
1998-present IMECAS, engaged in ULSI study, Professor, doctoral tutor .In 2002, began holding concurrently department chief of S&T Department, in charge of scientific research, Development and quality control. In 2004, hold concurrently Assistant to Director of IMECAS.2002-2005 Appointed as expert of information science division for NNSF for two terms. 2002-2004 Appointed as expert in the consultancy expert Group of National 973 program, and holding deputy secretary of Semiconductor and IC subcommittee of Chinese Electronic Society.

1. “Study on key technologies of copper metallization in ULSI”, Xia Yang; Qian He; Zhang Guo-hai; Wang Wen-quan; Wu De-xin; Solid-State and Integrated-Circuit Technology, 2001. Proceedings. 6th International Conference on Volume 1, 22-25 Oct. 2001 Page(s):372 - 374 vol.1
2. “Investigation on the sources of 2DEG in Al/sub x/Ga/sub 1-x/N/GaN HEMT” Lijun Xue; Ming Liu; Yan Wang; Yang Xia; Zhijing He; Long Ma; Lihui Zhang; Baoqin Chen; Zhiping Yu; Solid-State and Integrated Circuits Technology, 2004. Proceedings. 7th International Conference on Volume 2, 18-21 Oct. 2004 Page(s):1011 - 1014 vol.2
3. “Investigations of key technologies for 100V HVCMOS process”, Song limei, Li hua, Du huan, Xia yang, Han zhengsheng, Hai chaohe, Chinese Journal of Semiconductors.2006,27(11):19-24
4. “High-Voltage CMOS process for Field Emission Display Drivers”; Hua Li, Limei Song, Huan Du, Zhengsheng Han, Chaohe Hai, Yang Xia; IVNC 2005 ,10-14 July 2005.

1990-1994 completed investigation of Quick Solidifying high-strength Aluminum-zinc Alloy,Quick Solidifying medium strength aluminum lithium alloy,and Quick Solidifying medium strength and high temperature resistance ferro-aluminum alloy series, providing a new series for aviation material application. It’s the first time to put forward a high performance composite powder damping aluminum alloy-XD metal based composite, by using it large-scale parts have been manufactured and provided for X engine. An intermediate test production line for high-purity spherical aluminum powder and its extension was completed, this project was awarded third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Aviation Ministry.
1995-1998 For the first time at home, completed the investigation of practical magneto-resistance hard disk reading head. At the same time, by using MEF observed the fine structure of soft magnetism magnetic domain .
1998 to the present ,As one of the primary participants, completed ULSI key process study(0.25μ), and High performance 27 nm gate length CMOS device and key process study, winning first prize of Beijing Science and Technology award and second class of National Invention prize. As principal, completed key project of NNSF "ULSI copper interconnection" study,it`s the first independence study of copper interconnection in our country. After completion of national 973 project" magnetic memory study",now he is the principal for "Next generation High Definition panel display basic research", chief expert for "Special power device" project, and the principal for plasma implanter of NNSF.

One utility model patent

Third class award of scientific technical progress prize of Aviation Ministry
One first prize of Beijing invention award

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