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XU Jingbo
Update time: 2011-11-03
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Name:XU Jingbo 
Title:Associate Professor
Address:3 Bei-tu-cheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China

Education Background:
2005.9-2008.7 Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Ph.D.
2003.10-2004.9 The 13th Institute of CETC Joint Training
2002.9-2005.5 Hebei University of Technology Master
1998.9-2002.7 Hebei University of Technology Bachelor

Professional Experience:
2010.9- Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Associate Professor
2010.3- Jiangsu IOT R&D Center
2008.7-2010.8 Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Assistant Professor

Research Interests:
Microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits, nanometer devices, sensor technology and electric health.

23 published papers, in which there are about 17 papers indexed by EI, SCI, ISTP or SSCI and 12 papers to be the first author.
1. Device research on GaAs-based InAlAs/InGaAs metamorphic high electron mobility transistors grown by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition. Chin. Phys. B 2010,Vol.19(3): 037302 (the first author)
2. 200 nm gate-length GaAs-based MHEMT devices by electron beam lithography. Chinese Science Bulletin2008,Vol.53 (22):3585 (the first author)
3. 1.0μm Gate-length GaAs MHEMT Devices and SPDT Switch MMICs. Journal of Semi- conductors 2008,Vol.29(4):668 (the first author)
4. The research on suspended ZnO nanowire field-effect transistor. Chinese Physics B 2009,Vol.18(4):1594 (the forth author)
5. Left-Handed Metamaterials for RF and Microwave Filter Miniaturization. 2008 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Art of Miniaturizing RF and Microwave Passive Components 2008,190 (the third author)
6. Research of breakdown characteristic of the InP composite channel HEMT. Chin. Phys. Soc. 2007,Vol.56(7):4117 (the fifth author)

2010 Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Top ten advanced staffs
2010 Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Outstanding Party member
2010 Jiangsu IOT R&D Center Entrepreneurship Prize
2009 Institute of Microelectronics of CAS Advanced staff

Patents Application:
17 authorized invention patent, in which there 9 patent to be the first inventor.
1. Method for implementing enhancement-mode back-gate ZnO nanowire field-effect transistors. Patent Authorization No.: ZL 200810227461.7(the first inventor)
2. Material structure of GaAs-based composite channel metamorphic HEMT. Patent Authorization No.: ZL 200710063375.2 (the first inventor)
3. Material structure of monolithic integration of GaAs-based MHEMTs and PIN diodes. Patent Authorization No.: ZL 200710178311.7 (the first inventor)
4. Method for ZnO back gate nanowire field-effect transistors. Patent Authorization No.: ZL 200810223353.2(the third inventor)

Projects and Subjects Participated:
1. Assume and chaired one subject of the national key laboratory: Research on ZnO nanometer sensor preparation technology base on nanometer controlling.
2. Assume and chaired two Director Fund: Research on ZnO 1-D nanowire field-effect transistor. W-band MHEMT power device.
3. Participate one subject of 973: New structure InP base HEMT device and E/D circuit.
4. Participate one subject of NSFC: Electricity THz wave detection device core component.
5. Participate one subject of Domestic cooperation project: Time domain THz spectral method to determine HEMT frequency.
6. Participate one Director Fund: New type of THz source key technology base on microelectronics.
7. Participate National Major Project: RF device of new type networking technology for RoF. Embedded multimode and multifrequency wireless transceiver.
8. Participate two subjects of international joint project: Research on used for new generation ultra high speed WLAN key technology. Filter base on LHMs. The manufacture of nanometer grating base on LiNbO material.

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