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HUO Zongliang
Update time: 2011-10-17
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Name:HUO Zongliang
Address:3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China

Education Background:
1994.9– 1998.7 Peking University, The department of computer science & technology. B.A
Major: Microelectronics and Solid-state electronics
1998.9– 2003.7 Peking University, The institute of microelectronics Ph.D
Major: Microelectronics and Solid-state electronics
Professional Experience:
2003.9–2010.2 Semiconductor R&D Center, Samsung semiconductor, Samsung Electronics, Korea
2010.3 – The institute of microelectronics of Chinese academy of sciences. China

Research Interests:
Novel semiconductor memory technology

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ZongLiang Huo, SeungJae Baik, Shieun Kim, In-Seok Yeo, U-In Chung, Joo-Tae Moon,” Sub-6F2 Charge Trap Dynamic Random Access Memory Using a Novel Operation Scheme” IEEE 64th Device Research Conference(DRC2006), 2006, pp. 261
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Seung Jae Baik; Zongliang Huo; Seung-Hyun Lim; In-Seok Yeo; Siyoung Choi; U-In Chung; Joo Tae Moon, “STTM -promising nanoelectronic DRAM device”, 4th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, 2004.pp.45-46
Dandan Jiang, Zongliang Huo, Manhong Zhang, Qin Wang, Jing Liu, Zhaoan Yu, Xiaonan Yang, Yong Wang, Bo Zhang, Junning Chen and Ming Liu” Performance Improvement of Si-NC memory device by using a novel programming scheme“, CSTIC 2011, Best Student Paper
Chenxin Zhu, Zongliang Huo, Zhongguang Xu, Manhong Zhang, Qin Wang, Jing Liu,Shibing Long, and Ming Liu” Performance enhancement of multi-level cell nonvolatile memory by using a band-gap engineered high-к trapping layer“, Applied Physics Letters, 97,253503,2010, APL Research Highlight Paper
Zhiwei Zheng, Zongliang Huo, Manhong Zhang, Chenxin Zhu, Jing Liu and Ming Liu, “Improved speed and data retention characteristics in flash memory using a stacked HfO2/Ta2O5 charge-trapping layer , Semicond. Sci. Technol. 26 (2011) 105015
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Yuhui He,Ralph H. Scheicher, Anton Grigoriev, Rajeev Ahuja, Shibing Long, ZongLiang Huo, and Ming Liu, “Enhanced DNA sequencing performance through edge- hydrogenation of graphene electrodes”, Advanced Functional Materials 21(14), pp. 2674–2679, 2011

Patents Application:
More than 80 patents are applied. The list is partial U.S.A patent application.
Zongliang Huo, Seung-Jae Baik, In-Seok Yeo, “Semiconductor Memory Devices And Methods of fabricating the same”, US 7274066 B2
Zongliang Huo, Seung-Jae Baik, In-Seok Yeo, Hong-Sik Yoon, Shi-Eun Kim,” SRAM cells having inverters and access transistors therein with vertical Fin-Shaped Active regions” US 7368788B2
Zongliang Huo, Seung-Jae Baik, In-Seok Yeo, Hong-Sik Yoon, Shi-Eun Kim , “Methods of fabricating a single transistor floating body DRAM cell having recess channel transistor structure” , US 7338862 B2
Zongliang Huo, Subramanya Mayya, Xiaofeng Wang, In-Seok Yeo, “Methods of forming nano line structures in microelectronic devices and related devices, ” US 7863138 B2
Zongliang Huo, Seung-Jae Baik, In-Seok Yeo, Hong-Sik Yoon, Shi-Eun Kim, “Single transistor floating-body DRAM devices having vertical channel transistor structures and methods of fabricating the same”, Pub. No, US 2006/0249770 A1
ZongLiang Huo, In-Seok Yeo, “Semiconductor memory device having DRAM cell mode and non-volatile memory cell mode and operation method therefore”, Pub. No, US2008/0048239 A1
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