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HAN Zhengsheng
Update time: 2009-10-12
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NAME: HAN Zhengsheng (Ph.D. Director)
Title: Professor
Email: zshan@ime.ac.cn
Microelectronics and Solid state Electronics
Undergraduate: Xi’an Jiaotong University
Degree: Master Degree
Major: Semiconductors and Devices
Studying abroad: Visitor scholarship in Hong Kong University of Science& Technology
Apr. 1997—present: Institute of Microelectronics CAS ( the old name: Microelectronics R&D Center CAS). Research on IC technology and IC design. Management of post graduates and administration of department.
The former position: Senior engineer, in charge of photolithograph process, vice director of department and principal of testing process concurrently, principal of product branch in Si engineering center, and principal of projects.
Now director of Si devices & integrated technology department, the member of the party committee of institute, the member of the institute committee of employee representatives, the member of institute academic committee, the member of institute degree committee.
Research fellow, Professor of graduate school CAS, Ph.D. director, the gainer of the national special subsidy.
Apr. 1994—Mar 1997: institute of precision microelectronics, Beijing, research on design of IC, in charge of technology.
Sept. 1993—Mar. 1994: Beijing Yingfa scientific and technological company. Research on design of IC, vice manager of IC branch.
Jun. 1988—Aug. 1993: Beijing Yandong microelectronics united company. Research on technology of IC, in charge of novel product development and product line, engineer, director of workshop, chief engineer.
Jul. 1983—Aug. 1985: factory 878, ministry of electronic industry, research on technology of IC, in charge of diffusion process.
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Jan. 1997-Dec.1999 national important program to tackle key scientific and technological problems:“study on submicron CMOS/SIMOX devices and circuits”, (sort order: 2)checked and accepted,
1997-2000 national important program to tackle key scientific and technological problems: “study on key technology of 0.35μm IC”, (sort order: 13) checked and accepted.
1997-2000 national important program to tackle key scientific and technological problems: “study on structure and performance of 0.1μm CMOS devices”, (sort order: 18), checked and accepted.
1997-2000 national important program to tackle key scientific and technological problems: “study on technology of electronic beam exposure”, (sort order: 5), checked and accepted.
1997-1999, organized and took part in the project about the match of E-BEAM and STEPER lithography, choice of E-BEAM photoresist and testing of SAL601. This is the key part of the above-mentioned 3 projects.
1999-2000 one of principal of information innovation of CAS. Checked and accepted.
Apr.2001-Dec.2002, principal of scientific and technological project of Beijing government: “study on technology test line of ultra-large scale IC”, checked and accepted. So far, it has been totally increasing income over 3,000,000¥.
Currently taking part in national important basic research, “973” program “basic research of key technology and fabrication of 20-50nm devices”, in charge of layout. “973”program: “basic research of novel field emission flat panel display and microdisplay, number: 2003CB314705, study on driver circuits of field emission and microdisplay and its integrated technology”.
Chinese patent: ZL02147232.7 “fabrication method of a kind of oxynitride film”,authorized, sort order: 4.
Chinese patent: 200410035088.7, “A novel self-aligning technology to be used to RF transverse diffusion FET”, accepted, sort order: 5.
Chinese patent: 2004 10045979.0 “integrated structure and fabrication method of insulated si for IC”, accepted, sort order: 5
In 2004, Scientific and technological first-class prize of Beijing government because of “study on high performance CMOS devices with a gate 27nm long and its key technology, as main research fellow, sort order: 3.
In 2002, Scientific and technological second-class prize of Beijing government because of “study on key technology of 0.18/01μm CMOS IC”, as main research fellow, sort order: 7.
In 2003, excellent paper prize by electronic academic committee seminar of china because of “CMOS/SOI 4Kb SRAM”, main research fellow, sort order: 3.
Assessing expert of programs of national natural science foundation of china.
Referees of “Journal of semiconductor”, “Journal of computer science and technology”, “Xi’an JiaoTong university”, “Journal of scientific technological university of china”, “Journal of ZeJiang university”. Member of the 14th national semiconductor IC academic committee and Si materials annual academic committee.
Member of organization committee of Agilent cup on Match of semiconductor manufacturing technology.
Program committee member of 2006 international junction seminar(International workshop on Junction technology, IWJT).
Member of the 4th electrical power and electronic academic council of Beijing.

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