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MU Rongzeng
Update time: 2012-08-17
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Name:MU Rongzeng 






Address:No.1699 Zuchongzhi South RoadKunshan City, Jiangsu Province P.R. China Postcode 215347 


Education Background: 

Ph.D degreeInstitute of Microelectronics CASmajor in Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics 

Professional Experience: 

1994-2001 China Chang Feng Science Technology Industry Group Corp. 

2001-2002 Guizhou Yitai Corp 

2004- present Institute of Microelectronics CAS 

2011- present Suzhou Mordo IOT Technology Co.,Ltd. General Manager 

Research Interests: 

Wireless Sensor Network 

Weak Physiological Signal Extraction and Processing 

Internet of Things for Old-age Care Industry 


LQI-based tree routing active maintenance mechanism for ZigBee, Transducer and Microsystem Technologies, Vol.31 No.12, Dec.2012, MU Rong-zeng, WANG Hong-fei, YAN Yue-peng. 

 The research and progress of the sleep scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network Application Research of Computers, Vol.30, Apr.2013, MU Rong-zeng, WANG Hong-fei, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Novel Adaptive Threshold Setting Algorithm for GPS Receiver. Chinese Journal of Electron Devices, Vol.30 No.2 Apr.2007. GUAN Xuan, BA Xiao-hui, MU Rong-zeng, CHENG Ya-qi, CHEN Jie. 

 Design of Shaping Filter for Base-band Signals Based on Multi-interpolator. Communications Technology, Vol.41, No.05, 2008. AN Yong, MU Rong-zeng, CHEN Jia-guo, YAN Yue-peng. 

 The RTL Implementation of a Punctured Convolutional Coding and Decoding. MICROEL ECTRONICS & COMPUTER, Vol.25 No.8 August 2008. AN Yong, MU Rong-zeng, CAO Xiao-lin, YAN Yue-peng. 

 A low-rate Voice Communication System Based on AMBE2000. Control & Automation, Vol.25 No.2-2 2009. GONG Xiao-yan, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng, WANG Qing-pu. 

 An improved threshold setting algorithm for fast acquisition of GPS signals. Journal of Harbin Engineering University, Vol.30 No.11 Nov.2009. MU Rong-zeng, LI Jin-hai, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Design and Realization of π/4DQPSK Carrier Tracking Loop. Communications Technology, Vol.43, No.09, 2010. ZHU Jia-jia, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Design of Gm-C filer with an accurate constant-Gm bias circuit. JOURNAL OF JIANSU UNIVERSITY, Vol.32 No.1. Guo Guiliang, Mu Rongzeng, Du Zhankun, Yan Yuepeng. 

 An improved method of generating the self-balanced chaotic spread-spectrum code. HIGH TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Mar.2011. An Yong, Mu Rongzeng, Cao Xiaolinm, Yan Yuepeng. 

 Adaptive Non-coherent Integration and Threshold Strategy for Acquisition. Journal of System Simulation, Vol.23 No.4 Apr., 2011. AN Yong, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Design and Implementation of IEEE802.11s in Linux Kernel, Computer Engineering, Vol.31, Dec.2011, YOU Bo, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Scheme to reduce broadcast storm of PREQ in IEEE 802.11s tree network, Application Research of Computers, Vol.29 No.8, Aug.2012, YOU Bo, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Research and improvement of HWMP sequence number scheme in Linux kernel, Computer Engineering and Design, Vol.33 No.9, Sept.2012, YOU Bo, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Wireless Mesh Network Routing Protocol Based on Statistics, Computer Science, Vol.40 No.5, May.2013, WANG Hong-fei, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 A fully integrated RSSI appiled for WSNs, Transducer and Microsystems Technologies, Vol.32 No.9, Sep.2013, FAN Xing, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 An Efficient Anti-collision Techinque for UHF RFID Reader, MICROELECTRONICS&COMPUTER, Vol.31 No.1, Jan. 2014, DENG Dun-jian, YAN Yue-peng, MU Rong-zeng. 

 Analysis and improvement of anti-collision Q-algorithm based on AS3992, Transducer and Microsystems Technologies, Vol.32 No.3, Mar.2013, DENG Dun-jian, AN Yong, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Time synchronization algorithm for WSNs based on self-calibration, Transducer and Microsystems Technologies, Vol.32 No.8, Aug.2013, HAN Yong-peng, AN Yong, MU Rong-zeng, YAN Yue-peng. 

 Analysis and application of a novel-digital baseband transmission code, Application of Electrionic Technique, Vol.39 No.11, Nov.2013, DENG Dun-jian, YAN Yue-peng, MU Rong-zeng. 

 Mesh routing protocol of wireless sensor networks based on two-layer topology, Journal of Jiang Su University Natural Science Edition, Vol.35 No.2, Mar.2014, Wang Hongfei, Li Dalin, Mu Rongzeng, Yan Yuepeng. 

Patents Application: 

 A high sensitivity tracking method for GPS signal carrier200610011728.X 

 A variable loop-gain frequency tracking method for the high sensitivity GPS receiver baseband200610011729.4 

 A spread-spectrum code constructing approach: principle and implementation 200910087789.8 

 A two-order capturing method for frequency-hopping spread-spectrum communication systems: principle and implementation200910091008.2 

 A hybrid spread spectrum communication system: principle and implementation200910303432.9 

 An automatic alarming device for human-fall detecting201110062591.1 

 A WSN-based localization solution and system201110062593.0 

 An infrared sensing device for human body201110063378.2 

 A time synchronization method for WSN 201110063378.2 

 A detection system and method for human fall.201210586385.5 

 A system and device for medication reminding. 201310038553.1 

 A detection structure and detection method for wet diapers. 201310376159.9 

 An emergency alerting device and method for the elderly at home. 201410606008.2 

 A three-dimensional storage structure for medicine. 201510055843.6 

 A heart rate measurement method and system based on piezoelectric signal. 201510809915.1 

 An identification method and system based on ECG signal. 201510801349.X 

 A detecting method and device for ECG R wave. 201510998973.3 

Projects and Subjects Participated: 

863 Project: Research of SoC for Wireless sensor network node   

NSTMP Project: R & D and Industrialization of Low-power WSN Core SoC   

CAS project: Baseband of CAPS Receiver;   

Industry Project: Intelligent Aged Care System. 

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