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AN Yong
Update time: 2012-11-19
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Name:AN Yong


Title:Associate Professor




Department:Electronics System Technology

Address:3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China


Education Background:

2001.9-2005.7 Xidian University, Bachelor, major in Electronic Science and Technology

2005.9-2010.7 Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., major in Microelectronics & Solid State Electronics

Professional Experience:

From 2010.7 to now, work in the “Department of Electronics System Technology”

Research Interests:

Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Communication


A Method of Generating the Self-balanceable Chaotic Spread-Spectrum Code. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Cao Xiao-lin, Yan Yue-peng. HIGH TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, Vol.17 No.1 Jan. 2011.

Adaptive Non-coherent Integration and Threshold Strategy for Acquisition. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Yan Yue-peng. Journal of System Simulation, Vol.23 No.4 Apr. 2011.

The RTL Implementation of a Punctured Convolutional Coding and Decoding. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Cao Xiao-lin, Yan Yue-peng. MICROEL ECTRONICS & COMPUTER, Vol.25 No.8 Aug. 2008.

Design of Shaping Filter for Base-band Signals Based on Multi-interpolator. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Chen Jia-guo, Yan Yue-peng. Communications Technology, Vol.41 No.05 May 2008.

Patents Application:

A Hybrid Spread Spectrum Communication System: Principle and Implementation. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Yan Yue-peng. (200910303432.9)

A Two-order Capturing Method for Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems: Principle and Implementation. An Yong, Mu Rong-Zeng, Yan Yue-peng. (200910091008.2)

A Spread-Spectrum Code Constructing Approach: Principle and Implementation. An Yong, Mu Rong-zeng, Yan Yue-peng. (200910087789.8)

An Infrared Sensing Device for Human Body. An Yong, Zhao Wei-guang, Yan Yue-peng, Mu Rong-zeng. (201110063378.2)

A Wireless Node for Target Monitoring. An Yong, Zhao Wei-guang, Jang Ting-ting. (201120068425.8)

An Wireless Terminal for Positioning and Alarm. An Yong. (201130063621.1)

A Two-Wire Transform Circuit for Measurement of Luminous Intensity. An Yong, Li Yang, Mu Rong-zeng, Yan Yue-peng. (201110343090.0)

Projects and Subjects Participated:

Industry Project: Intelligent Aged Care System; Intelligent Control System for Greenhouse

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