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Henry H. Radamson
Update time: 2020-06-08
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Name:Henry H. Radamson        

Title: Professor        

Nationality: Swedish
Education : PhD       

E-Mail:  rad@ime.ac.cn
Department: Integrated Circuit Advanced Process R&D Center(ICAC)
Address: 3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China        Postcode        100029
Tel: 010-82995515        

Fax: 010-82995684
Education Background
2011.01-2015.01        BSc in Pedagogy and international education, Stockholm University
Since 2001 Docent in Semiconductor Materials – KTH Royal Inst. of Technol
1990.01-1996.04        Ph D in Material Physics- Link?ping University, Sweden
1985.09-1989.08        MSc in photonic – Link?ping University
Professional Experience
2017 Foreign Expert granted by Chinese government
Since 2016.09 Professor in Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China
1997.04-2016.09 Docent in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Experiences in entrepreneurship:
Co-founder of Nocilis Materials in Stockholm, www.nocilismaterials.com
Research Interests
Nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, thermoelectric materials& IR sensors
Publications & Chapter Books
More than 230 publications in scientific journals and conferences including2 review articles, 7 book chapters and 2 books.

Book: Monolithic Nanoscale Photonics-Electronics Integration in Silicon and Other Group IV Elements, Elsevier, 2014, ISBN 9780124199750.

Book: CMOS past present and future, publisher: Elsevier, 2018.

- Swedish Innovation agency, Innovation funding, 2008 and 2010
- Best Teacher award in Iceland’s European Summer School, 2009.
- Venture Cup, awarded for 10 top innovators in Swedish innovation & business, 2011.
-Innovation Quality Award 2019, Stockholm Sweden
-Popular Teacher Award in IME, 2019.
Patents Application

Projects and Subjects Participated
- Project manager in EU project Coordination action on defect relevant engineering advanced silicon-based devices, Cadres(2004-2008)
- Project leader in three Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) with Texas Instruments and IBM in Dallas, USA (2005-2014).
- Project leader in SiGe bolometers in Consortium: Acreo's centre of excellence IMAGIC, Seven Swedish industries in partnership
Experiences in industrial projects:
1..Ericsson Components (SiGe Bipolar transistors for telecommunication application, 1997-2001),
2. IMAGIC Excellence, Acreo (IR imaging) involving companies e.g. Autoliv, Saab, Flir, ..etc,
3.Texas Instruments, Dallas USA, PI in three SRC projects (SiGe growth modeling for BiCMOS, 2005-2016).

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