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ZHOU Weihu
Update time: 2020-07-07
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Zhou Weihu




Senior engineer








Opto-electronic development center


3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China







Education Background

09,1996 - 12,2000 

Hefei University of Technology                                  

Ph.D., Precision instrument and machinery

Research focus on error theory and data processing

09,1979 - 06,1983 

Hefei University of Technology                                  

Bachelor, Measurement and control technology and instrument


Professional Experience

11,2018 – Present

Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijing, China

Researcher, Laboratory chief

12,2010 – 11,2018

Academy of Opto-Electronics, Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijing, China

Researcher, Laboratory chief

Laboratory operation and management, and subject construction of laser measurement

05,2005 - 11,2010 

Academy of Opto-Electronics, Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijing, China

Associate research fellowResearch on laser measurement technology

11,2004 - 03,2005  

AA SYSTEL FranceBeijing, China

Chief Representative, China OfficeProduction marketing

07,2003 - 07,2004 

Oakland UniversityMichigan, USA

Post-DoctorResearch on mechanical engineering

04,2001 - 07,2004  

Automated Precision Inc. (API)Maryland, USA

ResearcherParticipate in the development of laser tracker

04,2001 - 06,2003

University of Wisconsin–MilwaukeeIMS Center)(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Post-DoctorResearch on intelligent equipment diagnosis technology

02,1990 - 09,1996

China Chang Cheng Institute of Metrology and MeasurementBeijing, China

Senior engineer, Laboratory chief

Research on precision instruments and geometric metrology technology

08,1988 - 01,1990 

Louis Pasteur UniversityStrasbourg, Alsace, France

Visiting scholarResearch on precise photoelectric measurement technology

09,1986 - 02,1988 

French training center of Aviation DepartmentNanchang, China

French training

07,1983 - 07,1986 

China Chang Cheng Institute of Metrology and MeasurementBeijing, China

Assistant engineer

Research on precision instruments and geometric metrology technology



More than 110 papers, 32 Chinese patents, 1 textbook, and 4 national metrological verification regulations and specifications.

1)    Junkai Shi, Weihu Zhou*.Self-starting simple structured dual-wavelength mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser using a transmission-type semiconductor saturable absorber[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2018, 16(3): 031404. [SCI]

2)    Yao Li, Junkai Shi, Yanqing Wang, Rongyi Ji, Deming Liu, Weihu Zhou. Phase distortion correction in dual-comb ranging system[J]. Measurement Science & Technology, 2017, 28(7): 075201. [SCI]

3)    Juqing Yang, Dayong Wang, Baixing Fan, Dengfeng Dong, and Weihu Zhou*. Online absolute pose compensation and steering control of industrial robot based on 6DoF laser measurement, Optical Engineering 56(3), 034111 (March 2017). [SCI]

4)    Yang J Q, Wang D Y, Zhou W H*. Precision laser tracking servo control system for moving target position measurement. Optik 131 (2017) 994–1002. [SCI]


Research Interests  

Optoelectronic precision measurement technology and system, integrated circuit optical detection technology, large size measurement technology and system, precision instrument research and development

Projects and Subjects Participated

At present, the main research directions are integrated circuit ultra-high precision optical inspection, laser tracking multi-degree-of-freedom measurement, femtosecond laser frequency comb high-performance measurement, visual three-dimensional geometric measurement and defect detection. The presided over projects are "Research and Development of New Femtosecond Laser Tracker" (National Science Instrument Major Development Special Project), "Nanometer Precision Calibration and Traceability Application Research" (National Science Instrument Major Development Special Project), "High-end Lithography Machine Polarization Illumination Key Technology Joint Research "(a major international cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology)," Development of a large-scale water body 3D scalar field measurement instrument based on 3D LIF technology "(National Natural Science Foundation Major Instrument Special Project)," femtosecond laser ultra-high precision ranging technology Path atmospheric refractive index compensation method "(National Natural Science Foundation)," femtosecond laser three-dimensional topography measurement method research "(National Natural Science Foundation)," real-time robot calibration technology and application "(National Key R & D Program)" large precision Equipment In-situ Intelligent Manufacturing System Simulation Research "(National Fund)," Large Equipment In-situ Intelligent Manufacturing System Development and Application "(Chinese Academy of Sciences STS Project)," New Femtosecond Laser Frequency Comb Precision Ranging System Simulation Research "(National Key Laboratory Open Fund) and National 02 Major Project And civil research and development projects, have participated in the national manned spaceflight development strategy, the national 02 major special project, the 863 ground observation and navigation positioning development strategy, the National Natural Science Foundation of China major instrument special development strategy, the Ministry of Science and Technology major scientific and technological tasks The implementation plan for the "Three Five-Year Plan", the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the major scientific and technological tasks of the Ministry of Science and Technology for Advanced Manufacturing, and the relevant scientific and technological plans of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Patents Application

Applied for more than 30 patents, mainly including the following patents:

1) An optical path compensation device and method for scanning a planar laser, Chinese invention patent, 2015.12.25, 201510996772.X, authorized

2) A multi-wavelength multi-optical axis parallelism detection device and detection method, Chinese invention patent, 2015.12.25, 201510996675.0, authorized

3) A high-precision laser ranging device and measurement method, Chinese invention patent, 2016.4.11, 201610221712.5, authorized

4) A femtosecond laser tracker optical axis geometric error calibration device, Chinese invention patent, 2016.7.7, 201610533796.6, authorized

5) A laser tracker tracking ability test device, China Utility Model, 2017.01.26, 201720101935.8, authorized

6) A phase ranging device and its ranging method, Chinese invention patent, 2017.01.17, 201710035168.X, authorized

7) A conversion calibration method and system for the robot arm coordinate system, Chinese invention patent, 201710743278.1, authorized


Chinese Academy of Sciences "Zhu Liyuehua Excellent Teacher" Award

Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Second Prize of  Science and Technology

Advanced Individual of World Expo Science and Technology of Ministry of Science and Technology

Special Award for Information Technology Research Achievements of Shanghai World Expo

Second Prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award

Leading talents in Jiangsu Province

Qingdao Innovation Leading Talent


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