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Update time: 2020-09-07
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Feng Yan












EDA Center


3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China







Education Background

1999.09-2003.07 B.S. degree in School of Physical Science and Technology, Lanzhou University.

2003.09-2006.07 M.E. degree in School of Physical Science and Technology,Lanzhou University.

2014.09-2019.07 D.E. degree in Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professional Experience

2006.07-2008.07 Celestial (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

2008.07-2017.04 Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science, Assistant Professor.

2017.04-present Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science, Senior Engineer.


[1]       CHEN Lan, FENG Yan, Zhao Xin-chao, et al. GJB 7715-2012 General Requirements for Military Integrated Circuit IP Core [S].

[2]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan, Zhao Xin-chao, et al. Standards System on Military Integrated Circuit IP Core[J]. Military Standardization, 2014.2:30-32,38.

[3]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan, WAND Dong, et al. Design and Verification of IP Core Test Wrapper Based on IEEE 1500 Standard[J], Microelectronics and computer, 2016,33(7):110-114.

[4]       MA Juan, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan, et al. The Research of IP Quality Evaluation Method for SoC Integration[J]. Microelectronics2014,44(4): 555-558,564.

[5]       PENG Zhi-cong, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan, et al. Research of On-Chip Sine Stimulus Based on Sigma-Delta Modulation Techniques[J]. Microelectronics and computer, 2015,32(11):137-141.

[6]       Zhao Xinchao, Chen Lan, Feng Yan, et al. Design and verification of UART IP core based on hybrid prototyping platform [J]. Application of Electronic Technique, 2015,41(10):39-42

[7]       Wang Dong, Chen Lan, Feng Yan. Analysis of key common technologies in military IP core standards system[J]. Application of Electronic Technique, 2016,42(9):24-28.

[8]       Wang Dong, Chen Lan, Feng Yan. Design of a Current-Steering DAC IP Core Based on 40 nm CMOS Process[J]. Microelectronics and computer, 2017,34(2): 25-29.

[9]     PENG Zhi-cong, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan, et al. Transaction Level Modeling of IEEE 802.3 MAC for Different Use Cases[J]. Microelectronics and computer, 2017,34(7): 56-59,64.

Research Interests  

IP standardization and common technology, IP/SoC Design and Verification, Hardware Security of Integrated Circuit

Projects and Subjects Participated

As a main member:

1)    The standardization program of key domestic hardware and software;

2)    The pre-research of microelectronics in the 12th Five-Year Plan;

3)    Some major national science and technology projects.

Patents Application

[1]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Design method and device of test wrapper”, Patent authorization number: ZL 201610289656.9.

[2]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan, WANG Dong. “A test wrapper device and its design method for embedded cores”, Patent authorization number: ZL 201510729220.2.

[3]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Built-in self-test method, device and system on-chip”, Patent authorization number: ZL 201510062392.9.

[4]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “A Pulse-Widen Circuit and Method”, Patent authorization number: ZL 201610957975.2.

[5]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Clock control device and System on-chip including the clock control device”, Patent authorization number: ZL 201110388136.0.

[6]       FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Bus Interface Conversion Method and Bus Bridge Device”, Patent Authorization Number: ZL 201210175090.9.

[7]       PENG Zhi-cong, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan. “Bit stream selection method in memory-based on-chip Sigma-Delta analog excitation generation method”, Patent Authorization Number: ZL 201410799882.2.

[8]       LIU Zhen-chao, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan, et al. “ADC built-in self-test circuit and test method in SoC”, Patent Authorization Number: ZL 201610065972.8.

[9]       ZHANG Ting, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan. “A Fast Fourier Transform Processor”, Patent Authorization Number: 201110326494.9.

[10]   ZHANG Ting, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan. “Co-Bus Verification Method and System Based on System Verilog Assertions and Tasks, Patent Authorization Number: 201110390469.7.

[11]   ZHANG Ting, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan. “A Pipelined FFT Processor”, Patent Authorization Number: 201310150973.9.

[12]   WANG Dong, CHEN Lan, FENG Yan. “A Self-biased Current Source”, Patent Authorization Number: 201210575839.9.

[13]   FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “A Test Method of IP cores based on test wrapper”, Patent Application Number: 201610289946.3.

[14]   FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Design Method and Device of Test Wrapper”, Patent Application Number: 201610289656.9.

[15]   FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “Test Pattern Translation Method and Test Wrapper Device of cores”, Patent Application Number: 201610652013.6.

[16]FENG Yan, CHEN Lan. “A Scan Test Execution Method, Device and System”, Patent Application Number: 201910227950.0.


Chen Lan, Feng Yan, et al. Third Prize of China Standard Innovation Contribution Award 2018.

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