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LU Weier
Update time: 2020-09-11
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Weier Lu




Associate Professor








Microelectronic Instrument and Equipment Center


3 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China







Education Background

1. 2007.092012.07University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Institute of Physical ChemistryDoctor.

2. 2003.092007.06, China University of Mining and TechnologyBachelor.

Professional Experience

1.2012.7 Now Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences / Microelectronic Instrument and Equipment Center


[1] Weier Lu, Yang Xia, et al. Selective Soluble Polymer Assisted Electrochemical Delamination of Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, (2019) 23:943–951.

[2] WANG Yanwei, LU Weier*,YAN Meiju, XIA Yang, Preparation Process of the Single Crystal Graphene with Different Sizes by Chemical Vapor Deposition, Materials Review, 34(3): 056001-06005, (2020).

[3] MING Shuaiqiang, WEN Qingtao, GAO Yazeng, YAN Meiju, WANG Yanwei, LU Weier*, Xia YangPreparation and characterization of tantalum oxide thin films by atomic layer deposition technique based on tantalum ethoxide, Materials Review accepted, (2020).

[4] Yang Sheng, Xia Yang, Lan Lili, Tao Xiaojun, Feng Jiaheng, Ming ShuaiqiangLu Weier*, Qu FurongLiu Tao,  Development of Multilayer Nanofilm Deposition Cluster Tool, Chinese Journal of Vacuum Science and Technolog, accepted, (2020).

[5] Wei Ruxue, Wang Yanwei, Jiang Liwen, Sun Xuqing, Liu Hongyao, Wang Chang, Lu Xinchao*, Lu Weier**, Xia Yang, Huang Chengjun, The Detection of Chemical Vapor Deposition-Prepared Graphene by Surface Plasmon Polariton Imaging, Acta Optica Sinica, 39(11):1124002, (2019).

[6] WANG Shengtao, LU Weier*, WANG TongXIA Yang,  An Improved Copper Etching Method that Involves PMMA/PVA Dual Support Membranes and Serves to Transfer Graphene, Materials Review, 33(1): 230-233, (2019).

[7] Mingdi Peng, Wei-Er Lu*, Yang Xia, et al. Study on Preparation and Properties of Superconducting Niobium Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition, Materials Review, 32(5) 105-109, (2018).

[8] Wei-Er Lu, Yabin Dong, Chaobo Li, Yang Xia, Bangwu Liu, et al. Preparation of ZnO films with variable electric field-assisted atomic layer deposition technique, Applied Surface Sciences, 303,111-117, (2014).

[9] Wei-Er Lu, Chaobo Li, Yang Xia, Xuan-Ming Duan et al., Femtosecond laser direct writing of gold nanostructures by ionic liquid assisted multi-photon induced photoreduction. Optical Materials Express 3(10): 1660–1673, (2013).

[10] Wei-Er Lu, Yabin Dong, Chaobo Li, Yang Xia, Research Progress of the Controlling on Atomic Layer Deposition Growth Rate, Journal of Inorganic Materials, 29(4), 345-351 (2014).

[11] Si-Min Zhang, Song Cheng, Wei-Er Lu*, Yang Xia, Process of the Growth of ZnO Thin Films with Tunable Electrical Characteristics by the Atomic Layer Deposition, Micronanoelectronic Technology, 53(9):605-633(2016).

[12] Wei-Er Lu, Chaobo Li, Yang Xia, Dependence of the ZnO films crystal properties on electric field in atomic layer deposition, Materials Review, 28, 255-259 (2014).

[13] Wei-Er Lu, Xuan-Ming Duan*et al., Two-Photon Induced Photopolymerization Using Photoinitiator with an Intramolecular Radical Quenching Moiety for anolithography, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 13, 1343–1346 (2013).

[14] Zhang Yang, Dou Wei, Luo Wei, Lu Wei-Er, Xia Yang. Journal of Semiconductor Journal of Semiconductors, 34(7):47-51 (2013).

[15] Wei-Er Lu, Mei-Ling Zheng, Wei-Qiang Chen, Zhen-Sheng Zhao and Xuan-Ming Duan, Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles via Multi-photon Induced Photoreduction of a Mixed Aqueous Solution of HAuCl4 and Glycinate Ionic Liquid, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics. 14, 11930-11936 (2012).

[16] Wei-Er Lu, Xian-Zi Dong, Wei-Qiang Chen, Zhen-Sheng Zhao and Xuan-Ming Duan, Novel photoinitiator with a radical quenching moiety for confining radical diffusion in two-photon induced photopolymerization, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 5650-5659 (2011).

Research Interests  

Atomic layer deposition, Micro-nano materials and structures, X-ray Fresnel zone plate,  2D materials, Thin film deposition equipment research and development

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