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SMO in 14 nm CMOS Production Validated by Wafer Data in IMECAS (2016-11-07)
7th International Conference on Computer Aided Design for Thin-Film Transis... (2016-11-02)
EDACAS holds TCAD Synopsys Technology Seminar (2016-10-27)
Prof. J. Joshua Yang Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Prof. Steve S. Chung Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Dr. Zhigang Ji Visited IMECAS (2016-09-12)
Prof. Michael Pecht visited IMECAS (2016-05-12)
Scientists Reveal New Computational Lithography Applications in Industriali... (2016-04-05)
Scientists Develop Well Tailored Interfaces on High Mobility Semiconductor ... (2016-03-04)
Introducing New Channel Materials Lays the Groundwork for Slashing the Powe... (2016-03-02)
Scientists Develop China's First New Energy Vehicle Electronic Control Inte... (2016-01-11)
Intelligent Digital Hearing Aid SoC Developed in IMECAS (2015-09-22)
High-temperature Recess for Normally-off Gallium Nitride Transistors (2015-07-27)
Scientists Develop Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire Transistors with Channe... (2015-07-21)
Scientists Develop Novel 14-nm Scallop-Shaped FinFETs on Bulk-Si Substrate (2015-07-09)
Scientists Develop 1200V/15A and 1700V/8A SiC MOSFET Devices (2015-04-28)
Scientists Develop ZnO Nanowire-Based Black Silicon Solar Cells (2015-04-15)
Dr. Simon Deleonibus Visited IMECAS (2014-10-29)
Important Advancement of Electronic Transport Mechanism in RRAM in IMECAS (2014-10-16)
Professor Dr. Vijay K. Arora Visited IMECAS (2014-06-16)
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