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Prof. Steve S. Chung Visited IMECAS (2014-01-27)
New Progress of Resistive Switching Memory towards Practical Application (2013-12-24)
Prof. Hiroshi Iwai Visited IMECAS (2013-10-14)
Prof. Steve S. Chung Visited IMECAS (2013-09-24)
4GS/s 8bit ADC Chip and 3GS/s 12bit DAC Chip Developed in IMECAS (2013-05-29)
ALD Technology introduced to Light-Emitting Devices in IMECAS (2013-04-12)
BM303——Battery Stack Monitor Chip Developed in IMECAS (2013-04-12)
Thermopile Analog Front-End and High Precision Temperature Sensor Chip Deve... (2013-03-13)
1Gb Independent NOR Flash Memory Developed in IMECAS (2013-02-04)
Chinese Breakthrough in Shrinking IC Technology Developed in IMECAS (2012-12-24)
IMECAS Student Wins Championship of Seventh Annual International Microelect... (2012-10-18)
The First HIT-IBC High-Efficiency Solar Cell in China Developed in IMECAS (2012-09-28)
EDACAS held the First Stage of the Seventh Synopsys Annual International Ar... (2012-09-10)
High-Quality Interface with Low Defects Density for Ge-MOS Devices Develope... (2012-09-10)
IMECAS Firstly Produce Multicrystal Black Silicon by Using PIII Technology (2012-07-02)
8-GS/s 4-bit ADC and 10-GS/s 8-bit DAC Chips Developed in IMECAS (2012-04-27)
Microscopic Mechanism of RRAM Device Obtained Progress by Researchers in IM... (2012-04-13)
MIMO-OFDM Core Baseband Chip for High-Speed WLAN Developed in IMECAS (2012-03-30)
Multichip Package Technology for Intelligent Electric Meter Developed Succe... (2012-03-07)
Prof. Aziz Benlarbi-Delaï Visits IMECAS (2012-02-23)
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